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Konarzyce, ul. Łomżyńska 206, 18-400 Łomża
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course. We are able to perform most tasks from the design phase through the implementation of individual elements and preparation for acceptance.

Yes, we provide services consisting of horizontal drilling under terrain obstacles.

We will help in planning and assessing the risk of drilling in all conditions. This is a free service.

We work throughout Poland with a predominance of investments in the eastern part of the country, there is also the possibility of completing orders in neighboring countries.

We are able to perform comprehensive work consisting of the preparation, drilling and restoring the area to its original condition. You can also do part of the work yourself, which will reduce the cost of the service.

Depending on the degree of difficulty, drilling and installation of casing pipes takes from one to several business days.

Drillings are usually used in places where traditional methods are not possible or reconstruction generates serious costs. Considering these aspects, it is often much cheaper than traditional methods.

Controlled drilling technology allows for quick and environmentally neutral installation. Instead of long excavations, there are only point entrances, the generated noise is very limited and the natural area is almost intact.