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Horizontal drilling

przewierty sterowane

Horizontal directional drilling is the perfect solution to the problems encountered when laying or repairing cables, both in urban and rural areas. Instead of digging traditional trenches, the equipment works underground, being controlled from the surface. It is efficient in terms of time and costs.

With horizontal directional drilling, obstacles are not a problem – equipment can be guided, below or around them, which means that existing cables and tools are not disturbed or destroyed after work.

An additional advantage of this approach is that the terrain – and the resulting disturbance to roads and other forms of access – are significantly reduced.

Reducing interference is not just a benefit throughout the city; ideal when work must be done in environmentally sensitive areas.

trenchless technology

Horizontal directional drilling is a trenchless method.


The pilot borehole is drilled along a predetermined well bore path using the locator, followed by the enlargement of the borehole using the path set by the pilot borehole, from the surface with minimal disturbance.

no need for extra digging

Short, medium and long pipe sections can be installed without intermediate holes.

avoiding obstacles

Pipes are installed straight or curved to avoid obstacles and existing installations.

no traffic interference

No disruption to road, river or rail traffic, or damage to the landscape.

insensitive to obstacles

Insensitive to surface obstacles such as buildings, trees, roads and rivers etc..

environmental friendly

Clean and environmental friendly process.

Principle of operation
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